Minimally invasive dentistry

The minimally invasive approach is a modern concept and intention. Its foundations are on the development in the technologies and on the understanding that the artificial materials are with less biological value than the natural and healthy tooth structures (1). The minimally invasive approach is focused on the prevention, remineralisation and the preservation of the sound tooth structures. The basic means of the minimally invasive approach are the adhesive technologies,  the new generations aesthetic composites, the biomaterials and the remineralisation. This concept is realized by working in certain controlled conditions, quality of anesthesia, isolation of the contaminants through special latex lanes (rubber dam), and work under magnification (microscope). It could be said that the minimally invasive approach is essentially (micro-dentistry.

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An integral part of the minimally invasive ideology are the concepts of the biomimetics, bionics and bioemulation. In essence, these concepts are inspired by the desire and the ambition to approach as close as possible to the design and mechanisms created by nature.

Minimally invasive approach (MIP) is a philosophical principle that can be applied in each case regardless of the severity of the injury. MIP does not treat only the initial conditions, but also the advanced disease.

For example:

- Initial caries can be treated through remineralization and prevention, rather than by drilling and obturation (filling);

- The stained teeth by bleaching instead of drilling  and crown;

- The abraded and aged teeth through non prep veneers (without cutting sound tooth tissues) instead of  crowns ;

- The lost tooth by implant instead of bridge and drill healthy teeth;

- Teeth needing crowns with ultra thin zirconia crowns and gentle grinding, instead of metal-ceramic crowns  and aggressive drilling;

We can provide many other examples of the advantages of conservative attitude, but we must not forget that the most acceptable looking concepts must be scientifically justified and to evaluate their real applicability. Therefore, we apply the approach known as evidence-based medicine.

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